Yuma, Arizona - In August 2018, the Yuma Main Library, in collaboration with Vanessa Castillo, will host a Summer Business Series at the Main Library. Aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, and students are invited to attend workshops focusing on marketing and social media.

Yuma, Arizona - Here we are at the end of July, and not surprisingly we are seeing some very high afternoon temperatures. You know the drill! Pay close attention, and be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of heat illness. Here are some reminders:

Yuma, Arizona - Today at approximately 5:33 p.m., two Yuma Police Officers operating separate vehicles were involved in a minor injury collision with each other at 16th Street and 4th Avenue.

Yuma, Arizona - The Yuma Police Department and City of Yuma have received several e-mails from members of the public reporting a possible phishing scam.  They have received an e-mail referencing an invoice and payment due to the City of Yuma, for records they allegedly requested/received.  These e-mails have been received thus far in the areas of Phoenix and Indio, California, that we are aware of.  These e-mails were not sent by the City of Yuma.

Yuma, Arizona - Last week the Yuma Fire Department received a call about a bee swarm. Each year the Yuma Fire Department will be asked to respond to bee swarms. Although bee sting deaths are rare, they do occur and people with allergies to these stings are particularly at risk. Bees can swarm into a location and stay for only a couple of hours, or make it their new home.