Yuma, Arizona - Last week the Yuma Fire Department received a call about a bee swarm. Each year the Yuma Fire Department will be asked to respond to bee swarms. Although bee sting deaths are rare, they do occur and people with allergies to these stings are particularly at risk. Bees can swarm into a location and stay for only a couple of hours, or make it their new home.

Yuma, Arizona - Arizona Western College Agriculture Science Manager Leigh Loughead was recognized with the Outstanding Post-Secondary Educator Award by the Arizona Agriculture Teachers Association (AATA) during their awards banquet Tuesday.

Yuma, Arizona - If it wasn’t for the educational services that Arizona Western College offers at Marine Corps Air Station-Yuma, Sgt. Alana Karp probably wouldn’t have pursued higher education.

Yuma, Arizona -  We are starting to receive reports of a new scam going around the Yuma area affecting our local business community.  Several of our local businesses are receiving calls telling them they owe money for items ordered.  The scammer will name items that could be legitimately ordered for that business.  The employee is told to get cash, exchange it for pesos, take it to a bank in San Luis, Mexico and deposit it.  The scammer will either know the manager’s name or trick the employee into saying the manager’s name and say they knew about the order.  Another story the suspect is telling is that they are from corporate and money needs to be deposited.  Some of the businesses affected by this scam have lost several thousand dollars.

Yuma, Arizona - Anytime you search for a location on mapping applications like Google Maps, you’re using geospatial technology.