Yuma, Arizona - Rube Goldberg is alive and well and living in the hearts and minds of many a would-be inventor. 

Rochester, Minnesota - These small areas of extra pigmentation on the skin get darker when they are exposed to sunlight during the summer, and then they tend to fade during the winter. Freckles typically are not a sign of an underlying skin disorder, and they do not require any treatment. Check them from time to time, though. If you notice any changes, such as one of the spots growing larger or developing an irregular border, see a dermatologist to have it checked.

Kalamazoo, Michigan - And then there was the guy in Kalamazoo, who bought a lottery ticket, tucked it in his wallet and forgot it was there. Three months later he came across the ticket and decided to see if it might be worth something. 

Yuma, Arizona - It’s a Sand Trap!

Military tested and now…Family tested and Mother approved!

Seoul, South Korea - An airport janitor in South Korea just might become a genuine mega-millionaire in six months time.