Yuma, Arizona - Yuma Sector Border Patrol camera operators initiated the rescue of a migrant who attempted to swim across the Yuma Salinity Canal but then struggled with the swift current and steep banks.

Just before 1.a.m. Wednesday, camera operators notified agents of a man struggling to get out of the canal near County Road 81/4 along the U.S. Mexico border in Yuma. Within minutes, an agent arrived and used a water rescue bag to pull the 48-year-old Honduran national to safety.

The agent, a trained EMT, evaluated the man and determined that he required no further medical attention. When backup arrived, agents transported the migrant to Yuma Station for identification and processing.

“Water rescues along the border are common in Yuma Sector as migrants underestimate the hazards of crossing illegally, particularly the power of rushing water and extreme gradient of the banks,” said Yuma Sector Chief Chris Clem. “We at the United States Border Patrol here in Yuma Sector and around the nation commend the compassion and professionalism of our agents as they serve to protect our borders.”