Yuma, Arizona - Over the last year, there have been regular responses for accidental ingestion of household chemicals. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, approximately 45 percent of unintentional injury deaths occurred in and around the home. Unintentional home injury deaths of children are caused primarily by fire and burns, suffocation, drowning, firearms, falls, choking and poisoning.

Every year children (and adults) mistake household chemicals and medications for things that are safe to eat or drink. Statistics from the National Safety Council state that on average 165 children per day are taken to Emergency Rooms due to accidentally taking medications.

To reduce the chances of accidental poisonings:

  • Never tell children medicine is candy
  • Keep all medications out of reach and securely locked away
  • Use safety locks on cabinets containing cleaning products or other poisonous chemicals.
  • Never keep household chemicals in other than original containers (like pop bottles, milk containers, or drinking cups/glasses)

September is National Preparedness Month, make securing medicines and household chemicals part of your personal preparedness! For more information about fire and injury prevention classes we offer, contact the Yuma Fire Department Public Information Office at 928-373-4855.