Yuma, Arizona - With the possibility of high winds in the forecast this week, the City of Yuma asks residents to make extra effort to secure their empty solid waste and recycling containers to prevent them from becoming damaged or lost.

During high-wind events, containers can blow onto neighboring properties or into the street, where they can be hit and damaged by vehicles. Residents can avoid this by securing their green and blue containers in garages or back yards.

Each container has a unique ID number. When staff is aware of containers winding up in others’ yards, the City will arrange for pickup and return of these containers to the proper residences.

However, if a container is damaged or lost, the resident must pay for a replacement.

Tropical Depression Nora is currently moving along the western Mexican coast of the Gulf of California. It could bring monsoon moisture and storms to the Yuma area Tuesday and Wednesday. A flash flood watch is in effect through late Tuesday night.

Residents who have questions about the status of their green or blue container may call Public Works at 928-373-4504. Ahead of potential storms, City urges residents to secure their waste containers