Phoenix, Arizona - Arizona State Senate Democrat Tony Navarrete was arrested Thursday night on suspicion of sexual conduct with a minor.

The Phoenix Police Department said in a press release today they had probable cause to take Otoniel Navarrete, 35, into custody after interviewing the juvenile victim and witnesses. The alleged crimes occurred in 2019.

“The suspect was arrested and is currently in the process of being booked into jail for multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor, among other charges,” police said in the press release.

Navarrete is in his second term as a senator in District 30, which encompasses parts of Phoenix and Glendale. Before that, he served one term in the House.

“We are deeply disturbed by what we’ve learned from recent media reports about the arrest of Senator Tony Navarrete,” State Senate Democrats said in a statement released Friday.

“These allegations and arrest are serious and deeply troubling.”

Navarrete was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week, months after he was fully vaccinated. He said Tuesday he was recuperating at home.

From the Senator Navarrete's website: Tony Navarrete, D-Phoenix, who is openly gay, said he might have been able to come out sooner had his Arizona teachers been able to answer his questions about homosexuality.