Yuma, Arizona - Last week the Yuma Fire Department responded to a number of trash and yard debris fires, both happen way too often. These types of fires within residential neighborhoods can be a nuisance and a hazard. Fires too close to other combustibles and property lines pose the risk of serious fire spread, especially under windy conditions. Un-permitted fires are unlawful and also result in many unnecessary Fire Department responses, possibly delaying response to other serious emergencies.

You can also reduce the risk to you and your neighbors by keeping your property free of dry, dead vegetation and other flammable or combustible debris. This can avoid a small fire in the yard becoming a large fire threatening your home and neighborhood.

So, use a grill, a fireplace, or fire pit, and keep cooking/heating fires small (no more than 3’ in diameter) and attended (and fully extinguished after use), and please avoid burning trash. Also, be aware of weather conditions, such as the wind speed and direction. If you are camping, be sure of the local fire regulations and conditions. For information regarding permits for fires on your property in the City of Yuma, contact the Yuma Fire Department at 928-373-4850.

For more information, or to set up a safety or injury prevention class, call Mike Erfert at 928-373-4850.