San Luis, Arizona - Arizona Western College is excited to announce a renewed collaboration with colleagues and artists of San Luis Rio Colorado. Sponsored by Martha Martinez, Division Chair of Modern Languages and Dr. Eric Lee, Division Chair of Communications, Poetas Migrantes will feature poetry from over twenty different poets from all corners of the Latin American world. Poetas Migrantes is a collective of poets that is organized and curated by Manuel Cuen.

“I’m thrilled to begin collaborating with our neighbors across the border in hopes of future exchanges of literature and culture on both sides of the border,” says Professor Martinez.

“I think this signals a tremendous step forward for Arizona Western College’s Creative Writing School to reach out to our fellow poets and artists across the border. The language of poetry knows no borders, neither should we,” Dr. Lee adds. “I’m really excited for this event and for our future events.”

 Susanna M. Zambrano, Associate Dean for South Yuma County sums it up perfectly. “I can’t think of a better location to plant seeds for a love of poetry and art than the hearts of our young students. We are looking forward to having these prestigious poets on our campus.”

Arizona Western College and the Mexican Consulate have a long standing relationship.  Tina Sibley will speak at the event about the Southwest Border Collection and its historic importance at the college. This event is scheduled to start at 12pm in room 104 in the San Luis Learning Center on October 20th. The event is free and open to the public.