Phoenix, Arizona - Governor Ducey is calling on Congress to pass an extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) before funding runs out in mid-December. In a letter today to members of Arizona’s congressional delegation, the governor asked them to reauthorize the program, known in Arizona as KidsCare. It currently provides coverage to more than 23,000 children.

"Because of Congress’s inaction on the CHIP reauthorization bill, these families are in limbo, wondering whether their children will lose their health insurance,” the governor wrote. "This has never been a partisan issue and should not be one now. There are a lot of things that divide us, but taking care of these kids is something that should unite us. I urge all of you to speak with your leadership, ask them to bring the bill to the floor by December, and vote to continue this program and not pull the rug out from under thousands of Arizona kids.

In May 2016, Governor Ducey signed legislation restoring KidsCare. The program had been rolled back prior to him taking office, during the Great Recession.

Additionally, the governor is exploring options to extend coverage in the event Congress doesn’t act in time, including utilizing dollars at AHCCCS - without a change or lapse in coverage - to keep the program going through the Spring, and then backfill dollars once a bill is passed.