Yuma, Arizona - On Wednesday, just after 6:30 pm, a vehicle fire was reported in the area of Pacific Avenue and 16th Street. Arriving Yuma Fire Department personnel found that a traffic crash had occurred and an Arizona Public Service (APS) power transformer was on fire in the parking lot near the Black Bear Diner, 1590 South Pacific Avenue. The engine compartment of a vehicle that struck the transformer was also on fire.

Firefighters quickly extinguished the vehicle fire but due to the transformer still being energized it was necessary to wait for APS personnel to cut power before that fire could be extinguished. An estimated 30-40 gallons of oil leaked from the transformer, spreading the fire to the restaurant’s electrical box and flowing into the parking lot. The restaurant was evacuated and closed for the evening.

Once APS personnel arrived on the scene the power was shut off to the transformer and electrical box, and the fire was quickly extinguished. A traffic control box for Pacific Avenue and 16th Street was also damaged in the crash and traffic signals at the intersection were out for a time. The driver of the single vehicle involved was treated at the scene and transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries. The traffic crash was being investigated by the Yuma Police Department.