Phoenix, Arizona - It was thought to be lost forever, but tomorrow at 2 p.m. the iconic American flag that New York firefighters raised above the rubble at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, will fly in front of the Arizona State Capitol building.

The American flag - which for more than a decade was thought lost - was recently recovered thousands of miles away from where the Twin Towers used to stand. 

“Tomorrow, this unforgettable piece of history will wave in the Arizona sky,” said Governor Doug Ducey. “I ask all Arizonans to take a moment to honor the lives lost on September 11 and to pray for those affected by the worst terrorist attack in United States history. The iconic photograph of this American flag captured a nation in crisis, right before we demonstrated to the world how strong and unified the American people are.” 

“We look forward to welcoming this exceptional American flag to Arizona,” said Secretary Michele Reagan. “That we’re still able to raise the same flag in our state that flew over Ground Zero more than a decade ago is a testament to how far our nation has come. Tomorrow, let’s all remember to honor the lives of the brave men and women who gave up everything to protect our freedoms and to pray for those still fighting for a better and brighter future.”