Christina Hawkey Named Executive Director of the AWC Foundation

Yuma, Arizona - Having served in roles ranging from Coordinator of Student Activities to Professor of Family Studies to Associate Dean of Business and Liberal Arts in her 13 years at AWC, Christina Hawkey brings knowledge of the college’s many facets to her new position as Executive Director of the AWC Foundation.

Plus, she says her past two years experience serving as a Foundation Board member will provide a smooth transition as she steps into her new role on July 1st.

“As a professor, I know what the professors need to make their programs grow, … and  I feel I know what the students want to help them be successful,” Hawkey says. She adds that her administrative experience has taught her “to sift through all the wants and needs to prioritize where we’re going to put our time, and specifically, our resources.”

The AWC Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to empower people to reach their educational goals primarily through scholarships, but also through programming and instructional opportunities for students and faculty, she says. “The Foundation has awarded $70,000 in scholarships in the first round, and we are not done with the second or third round, so that number will increase.”

As Executive Director, her duties will include going out into the community to inform it of the college’s needs, and to find out what the community needs from the college in terms of an educated workforce. “We want to be partners with the community,” she says. “We want to give back just as much as they give us.”

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University, Family Development Credential from Cornell University and is currently working on her MBA. Since beginning work at AWC in 1999, she has also served as Academic Advisor, Project Coordinator for the Family Development Credential Program and Lead Faculty for the Social Science Department and was recipient of the 2008 Teacher of the Year Award. Other experience includes presenting at national and international conferences and contributing content to local media.