Yuma, Arizona - On Tuesday, just before 4:30 pm, a fire was reported in the 1900 block of 6th Avenue. Yuma Fire Department personnel arrived to find a large shed at 1927 South 6th Avenue completely on fire, with fire extending to a second nearby shed. Firefighters began the work to contain and extinguish the fire but their efforts were hampered due to live high voltage electrical wires down in the yard.

Yuma, Arizona - On Wednesday, June 15th, Melissa Wyatt, Yuma County Family, Consumer, and Health Sciences Agent for the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, will present “Fruit Leather” at 10:00 a.m. at the Main Library. Learn about the benefits of food dehydration, and how to dry and store fruits.

Yuma, Arizona - The City of Yuma Police Department conducted impaired driving details during the nights of Friday May 27th, Saturday May 28th, Sunday May 29th and Monday May 30th of 2016 with help from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.  The focus was impaired driving and the apprehension of impaired drivers.

Yuma, Arizona - On Monday, June 6th and 20th, the Main Library will host “Monday Night Anime,” an anime club for adults 18 and older, every other Monday from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Enjoy watching anime and playing games with other fans. Bring your own game, or play one of ours!

Yuma, Arizona - On Sunday, just after 10:30 pm, a fire was reported in an apartment at 200 South 7th Avenue. Yuma Fire Department personnel arrived to find heavy smoke coming from the apartment, with reports that an elderly tenant was unaccounted for and may have been inside. Firefighters entered the apartment and did a search that confirmed there was no one home. The fire was quickly knocked down with fire damage contained to the bedroom and contents where the fire was located.