Washington, DC - The United States has full confidence that the Government of Latvia will take the necessary steps to uphold the integrity of its banking and financial sector. For many years, we have been working together with Latvia to combat corruption, money laundering, and other threats to international security.

Washington, DC - Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson Interview With Margaret Brennan of CBS 60 Minutes:

Washington, DC - President Donald J. Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had a productive meeting today. The two leaders discussed a wide variety of topics, including securing our Nation’s borders through immigration reform, the continued benefits the American people are experiencing as a result of tax reform, the overwhelming need to improve our Nation’s infrastructure, and the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida.

Washington, DC - Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks to the Major County Sheriffs’ Association:

Washington, DC - President Donald J. Trump announced his intent to nominate an eleventh wave of United States Attorneys.  The United States Attorney serves as the chief Federal law enforcement officer within his or her Federal judicial district.  Accordingly, the President announced his intent to nominate these individuals to serve their respective jurisdictions: