Washington, DC - The Energy Department today announced the results of this year’s Better Buildings Alliance technology and market campaigns. Through partnerships with public and private sector organizations, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is working with interested landlords, tenants, and owners to adopt solutions that best meet the needs of their buildings for sustainable leasing and upgrades to indoor lighting.

Washington, DC - The Federal Trade Commission wants businesses to know about important Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) amendments that are now in effect. These changes make it unlawful for telemarketers to use three types of payment methods exploited by con artists and scammers.

Ann Arbor, Michigan - The first stars that made up the Milky Way have long burnt out, but astronomers have, for the first time, observed a new set of chemical elements that formed in their cores and the supernova explosions that marked the spectacular ends of their short lives.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - For the past 40 years, eye-tracking technology - which can determine where in a visual scene people are directing their gaze - has been widely used in psychological experiments and marketing research, but it’s required pricey hardware that has kept it from finding consumer applications.

Notre Dame, Indiana - Crystallography has produced one of the largest numbers of both Nobel Prizes and Laureates in any branch of science. Part of this may be attributed to the impact this field has on the creation or understanding of compounds. Understanding the make-up of compounds, which are made up of a crystalline solid material and have molecules that are arranged in an ordered structure, is an essential step for researchers working in many areas, including drug discovery.